Our Story

The Bridge is a New Zealand owned business created by Frances Adlam. With an extensive background in education, and four children of her own, Frances spotted a gap in the market for beautiful child-friendly products that would supplement the key basic Literacy and Numeracy skills all children need to thrive academically.

Frances realized that many children, including her own, needed to revisit or have extra practice in the essential areas of Literacy and Numeracy. Yet many of the resources available were either written overseas – so were not compatible with the New Zealand Curriculum and teaching methods, or the resources leapt erratically from one concept to another. As Frances’ own children had learning differences, such as Dyslexia, the resources available caused stress and tension – not what, as a busy mother, she needed!

Frances knew that to create resources that were really going to help all New Zealand children they needed to be:

  • Based on the New Zealand Curriculum
  • Easy to follow (for child and parent)
  • Sequential (no gaps for children to get lost)
  • Beautiful and attractive (so children are motivated to get stuck in)

And so the journey began. Frances knew she could unpack the curriculum into child-friendly bite size pieces to support all children, but how could she make the books have that good enough to eat beauty about them?

The answer came in the form of Coco Reed, who joined in 2012 and together they created beautiful resources.