Welcome to my website.

My name is Frances Adlam. I am the Creator and Director of The Bridge.

Let me share some of the personal stuff, before I get to my ‘credentials’ for the work I do.

I was born and raised in Brighton, Sussex, England. I loved (and still love) Brighton, with all its history, charm, creativity and character. I feel super lucky that I grew up in such an exciting place. My father was a journalist for the Financial Times, and Editor for the Investors Chronicle. One of my favourite memories is when he took me in a black London taxi to his place of work on Fleet Street. In those days the streets of London were full of men in black suits and bowler hats – one of which was my dad.

My love of writing is in my bones, and was most definitely planted there, and nurtured, by my journalist dad, who spent his days writing next to me, with me and for me. Bedtime was often the moment when I would share a little story I had written, and my dad would share his story with me. Bliss!

My creativity, passion and somewhat rose-tinted view of the world all have their roots in my wonderful carefree childhood that my mum and dad offered me. I grew up immersed in a world of music, dance, stories, nature and fun. My mum was a yogi over 50 years ago! She taught us all (my 2 brothers and I) to play the piano, read and celebrate life. She chose my first school – a little Montessori school based in a local church hall.

The fusion of education, creativity, joy and a love of learning were embedded in me from a young age.

Many years later, on a university vacation, I met my Kiwi husband to be – Karl.

I have lived in New Zealand now for about 26 years. For many years I went through the common identity crisis that goes hand in hand with migration – do I belong in England, or New Zealand? Now, I am happy to say, I accept, and embrace, that I have strong roots in both countries.

Reflecting my dual connections, are my 4 grown up children: Coco, Jasmine, Tobias and Paris. Coco and Jasmine were born in England, and Tobias and Paris were born in New Zealand. Between them they have attended the whole spectrum of schools: Montessori, Play Centre, State schools, International schools and Waldorf Steiner schools. Diverse as any 4 children could be, I tried to match their schooling to their learning and temperamental needs – often it worked – sometimes it didn’t!

My 4 beautiful children have been at the core of shaping my journey through the world of education, wellbeing and psychology. A journey that is always evolving – as every parent will know.

And now for … the official stuff

I cannot hope to write all my credentials in the space below, but here are some of the key points:

  • I gained a BA Education (Honours) UK – at Exeter University. Accepted at both Oxford and Cambridge, I chose to study at Exeter University for 2 reasons: 1) It was the only university where I could study English and Drama in a highly creative way 2) I could study under the highly esteemed Professor Ted Wragg (voted one of the top 100 educators of all time).
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education (UK)
  • Worked in various educational positions in NZ: Primary school teacher; Co-writer of the Arts Curriculum (NZ); Guest Lecturer in Education: Auckland University, AUT, MIT and Unitec (ECE and Primary); Advisor for the Ministry of Education; Dance and Drama specialist; Writer of over 30 books for teachers (Phonics/Dyslexia/The Arts/Dance/Drama/Writing/Numeracy/Multi-Sensory Learning/Poetry/Dyscalculia); PD provider
  • Key Presenter at Dyslexia Educational Conference, Australia (2 years)
  • Graduate Diploma in Counselling (Narrative Therapy). Trained and worked under the guidance of David Epston.
  • Lecturer in Counselling (Narrative Therapy), Unitec.
  • Published articles and stories for Narrative Therapy magazine.
  • Published author: 8 published children chapter books: 7 edited by Joy Cowley.
  • Published author: 4 children chapter books for children with Dyslexia.
  • Creator and Director of The Bridge
  • Currently: studying towards Masters in Education Psychology …

That’s enough for now! If you need more information, send me an e-mail on:


Kindest Wishes,

Frances x