What people are saying about Frances and The Bridge


Frances is an excellent kind tutor. I love my sessions with her and I am now doing really well in maths.

- Harper, 9 years old

My sessions with Frances are the best part of my week.

- Archie, 8 years old


When we first took Carter to Frances we thought we were just getting some help for his reading and writing. What we didn’t realize was going to happen was how much his sessions were going to impact the whole family dynamic. Not only is Carter doing well at reading and writing, his anxiety has disappeared, he enjoys going to school and has just blossomed in so many ways. This means, as Carter’s mum, my stress has decreased. I feel I can relax on so many levels now that Carter has weekly sessions with Frances. Our whole family life has become less stressed, more playful and light-hearted. Frances is a hugely important person in not only Carter’s life – but for our whole family.

- Mandy and Carter

When we first found out that Ben had Dyslexia and ADHD, we went into shock. Then we went into panic. Then we found Frances. Anyone who is on this journey as a parent, is extremely lucky if they find Frances (and if she has any space). With Frances you know you are getting the best for your child.

Frances has helped Ben with his reading and writing, but also, with how to ‘play the game’ (as she calls it) of tests, how to control his anxiety and she has ignited a passion in him for reading that I never imagined would ever happen.

Frances always keeps us, as Ben’s parents, informed as to how Ben is doing, and she gives us incredibly useful information for how to deal with all the things that come up when you have an ‘out of the box’ child at school. She is on our team. With Frances we feel like we don’t get swept up in all the hype and confusion that is out there with Dyslexia and ADHD. We have a plan and feel very clear in our direction with Ben.

Frances is an incredibly unique blend of having expert knowledge and then adapting it in creative fun ways for the kids, while all making it look like a breeze in the park.

We cannot recommend Frances highly enough.

- Sally and Vincent (Ben’s (age 7) parents)


Feedback from teacher workshops, with Frances:

  • Fabulous ideas that I can use straight away. Loved the music/drama – will use these ideas on Monday. FANTASTIC! Thank-you so much!
  • Thank-you so much – so informative and empowering!
  • Thanks for doing the research that confirms my gut feeling on how children learn best! Very useful thank-you. I really enjoyed today. Excellent ideas and exciting activities!
  • An amazing workshop! Thank-you.
  • Really, really enjoyed the content and delivery.
  • I enjoyed this workshop immensely – the topic and speaker were awesome!

Specialists and Institutions:

Dr Bradley Hannigan PHD Director of Nelson/Tasman Kindergarten Association

"Frances’ workshop is one of the best workshops I have been on for years."

Yvonne Smith, Head Teacher at Waverley Kindergarten, Nelson

I am a Frances "groupie". I have been on 4 of her workshops now, and I always get re-inspired and learn something new. Her workshops have directly increased the learning outcomes and joy our children have in literacy. We teachers are noticing it. The parents are noticing. We are all happy!

Auckland Kindergarten Association

Frances held two workshops for us, for 60 teachers. The day after, we were inundated with feedback of how amazing the workshop had been; how inspired all the teachers were and how they were buzzing to implement Frances’ ideas. Our teachers love Frances and her work.

Carol Beets, Literacy Specialist, Auckland

Frances is my go-to person when I need to be re-energized. Her knowledge and creativity around phonics, inspiring reluctant readers and generally working with ‘out of the box’ kids is unequaled.

David Epston (co-creator of Narrative Therapy)

Frances has that rare spark, creativity and an incredible gift for working with people. Her work with children is inspirational.

Joy Cowley and Mc Graw Hill publishers:

We love Frances’ work. There is something Roald Dahl like about her writing. It is humorous, quirky and children love it!